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Build The Right Bridge - South Bristol Swing Bridge

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The MDOT is planning to build a massive moveable bridge at the Gut in South Bristol, which is completely inappropriate and out of character for our small fishing village.

Fortunately, there might now be another option, designed by the award winning bridge design firm of Rosales+Partners, which is far less imposing and better fits the site. (1)
According to Rosales+Partners, this design meets or exceeds all of the MaineDOT's specifications and engineering requirements for a moveable bridge at this location and can be built and maintained for the same or lower cost than the MDOT's design. The MaineDOT is currently in the process of reviewing the design, engineering details and cost estimate submitted by Rosales+Partners.

The entire presentation made by Rosales+Partners to the MaineDOT on 1/14/13 may be viewed at: www.rosalespartners.com/southbristol/SouthBristol_Web.pdf

If you prefer the smaller scale and more appropriate design of the Rosales+Partners bridge, please click the green "SEND" button, and a prewritten message will be sent to the MaineDOT, the Governor, and the Legislative officials who are in a position to approve this choice.

(1) Miguel Rosales  |  www.rosalespartners.com